ROTAB TRT Series - Precision Tilting Rotary Tables

MACHINING - All ROTAB Model TRT precision rotary tables are designed for accurate universal part positioning during precision machining applications.

IN-PROCESS INSPECTION – ROTAB’s provide fast, accurate “In Process” checks resulting in better overall accuracy of your finished work pieces.

TOOL, GAGE & FIXTURE INSPECTION - Critical tool, gage and fixture inspections are a "natural" for ROTAB precision rotary tables. The exceptional accuracy of ROTAB rotary tables helps assure your parts are correct from the start.

LAYOUT - Prototype and experimental programs require flexible, accurate layout methods in a minimum amount of time. ROTAB’s provide the ideal way to speed the inspection of short-run work pieces.

QUALITY CONTROL - Quality control and statistical evaluation techniques stress increasingly higher accuracy and uniformity of manufactured parts and assemblies. ROTAB rotary tables provide a variable gage system that supports most quality control programs.

In addition to manufacturing new ROTAB Precision Rotary Tables, we can remanufacture your existing ROTAB to original specifications or rebuild and retrofit your existing ROTAB with motor drives, precision encoder systems, and clamping systems for stand-alone or CNC operations. We can also rebuild many other makes of rotary tables to original specifications or retrofit them to suit your special needs.

Please feel free to contact us to answer your questions on how ROTAB can solve your rotary table needs.

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