ROTAB TRT Series - Precision Tilting Rotary Tables

For 60 years, ROTAB Model TRT Precision Tilting Rotary Tables (Model TRT) have proven ideal for all types of assembly, inspection, or precision machining operations.
Available with 12” to 84” diameter faceplates and built to precision instrument tolerances, ROTAB Model TRT’s provide fast, accurate work piece positioning and convenient operation.

  • Wide range of sizes, accuracy’s, and options.
  • Rugged, cast iron construction and trunnion style design.
  • T-slotted table and precision center hole.
  • Scraped bearing, mounting, and work surfaces
  • Precision spindle and trunnion bearings.
  • Position reading directly from center of rotation or tilt axis.
  • Adjustable, graduated faceplate ring for visual position referencing.
  • Easy to read and use DRO’s accurate to 1 arc second.
  • Positive control of angular settings.
  • Manual, motorized, or servo operation.
  • Non-influencing axis clamp systems.
  • Long operational life with many ROTAB’s still in use after 50 years.
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