ROTAB TRT Series - Precision Tilting Rotary Tables

Technical Rotary Services, Inc. will rebuild or repair all ROTAB Rotary Tables to original condition and specifications with factory original components. We can also completely remanufacture your ROTAB to original factory specifications, or retrofit them with 'State of the Art” electronic positioning systems, servo systems and controls, or automatic damping systems at a fraction of the cost of new equipment.  We are also expert at repair or rebuilding many other makes and brands of rotary tables (Pratt & Whitney,

Eimeldingen, Sip, Hoffman, Etc.) to original condition, and in many cases, better and more accurate than new condition. We can retrofit many of these rotary tables with new controls, clamping, and positioning systems to suit your needs.

We can rebuild or repair your manual index tables such as DeViieg, Lucas, Giddings & Lewis, and Peiseler to factory original condition and specifications. We also carry a complete line of replacement shot pin assemblies and bushings for DeViieg "E", "M", and "AM" style index tables.

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