ROTAB Precision Freewheeling Rotary Tables (FWT) were specifically developed for inspection, machining and assembly applications where extremely precise rotational accuracy is required. All FWT Models are available in standard (FWT) or laboratory (LFWT) accuracy’s. Each ROTAB FWT Model features a low profile design and incorporates our patented bearing system to minimize starting and rotating torque, and provide exceptional rotational accuracy even under heavy loads.

ROTAB Model “FWT” Precision Freewheeling Rotary tables are rugged, stabilized cast iron constructions with faceplate sizes ranging from 12” diameters to 60” diameters. These tables are furnished with annular grooves, radial T-slots, and a removable tapered precision centering plug to facilitate fixture and workpiece locating. Positive table locking is accomplished manually and employs the disc pinch principle. Shot Pin indexing arrangements can be easily added to all Models.

All ROTAB FWT models can be equipped with 360 degree graduated faceplates with matching vernier or pointer or DRO positioning systems for accurate positioning. Many other options such as motor drives, fine adjustment mechanism, shot pin indexing, special faceplate and bases are available.

The TRS engineering staff is available to consider requests for table modifications to meet special application requirements.

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